Moreshet: Network of Jewish Heritage Cities


The Foundation convened an international consortium, including representation from Germany, Italy, Poland, and Spain, to successfully bid for European Union funding, creating a network of cities and towns throughout Europe that contain significant Jewish heritage. The network, called Moreshet, is collectively examining models, examples of best practice and addressing a range of issues relating to how Jewish heritage is being managed and presented.  

Discover more at https://moreshet.eu

Council of Europe Jewish Heritage Report

The Foundation was appointed the expert body to guide a research initiative undertaken by the Council of Europe to examine the state of Jewish heritage in Europe today. The final Report, which was approved by the Council’s Parliamentary Assembly, makes a number of important observations and recommendations for Member States to consider. 

You can view the Report here.

European Year of Cultural Heritage


The Conference ‘Urban Jewish Heritage: Presence and Absence’ – a joint initiative of the Foundation for Jewish Heritage and the Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage of the University of Birmingham - took place in Krakow Poland in 2018 as part of European Union’s European Year of Cultural Heritage initiative. 


The Conference attracted 150 participants from 33 countries and considered a range of issues, challenges and achievements in the recognition, preservation, and presentation of Jewish heritage. 


Visit the Conference website for more details.