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Mapping the Historic Synagogues of Europe


The Foundation commissioned unprecedented research, undertaken by the Center for Jewish Art of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, to create an inventory of the historic synagogues that exist today across the whole of Europe, categorising each synagogue building according to its (i) significance and (ii) condition.


The research identified over 3,300 sites, of which less than a quarter are currently functioning synagogues. The Foundation has selected 18 of these as its featured synagogues.


This mapping was undertaken to provide a new resource for everyone involved or interested in the current state of synagogue preservation throughout Europe. Crucially, it also enabled the Foundation to be comprehensive and strategic in approaching its own preservation agenda by identifying the most important synagogue sites that are most in danger, and the Foundation is now working to help save and bring back into meaningful use a prioritised number.

Learn more about this remarkable landmark undertaking at the dedicated mapping project website

Historic Synagogues of Europe.

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