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Jewish Cemeteries in Europe


Preserving Jewish Cemeteries is an EU-funded pilot project set up with the aim of preserving Jewish cemeteries in Central and Eastern Europe.

It is a joint effort by three leading Jewish heritage NGOs (the Foundation for Jewish Heritage, ESJF European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative, and Centropa), taking place across 7 European countries: Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine. 

Building on the success of work carried out during two previous EU pilot projects, the consortium is raising awareness of Jewish cemeteries in local communities; spearheading educational projects with the goal of incorporating Jewish cemeteries into school curricula; and helping empower local actors to preserve their Jewish cemeteries.

Based on intensive research and teaching in these seven European countries, we aim to create the broadest possible promotional and educational work on Jewish cemeteries. The project consists of a series of activities such as seminars, webinars, youth and art university competitions, and various forms of engagement with local institutions & NGOs.


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