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Synagogue in Alanta, Lithuania




Alanta is a village in the Eastern part of Lithuania north of Vilnius. Alanta Synagogue was built in the last third of the 19th century and is one of the few remaining wooden synagogues of Lithuania.


Most of the Alanta’s Jews were killed in nearby Moletai on August 29, 1941 and today there are no Jews residing in the area.


The building is listed in the Register of Cultural Heritage and protected by the State.


The Challenge

The Synagogue served as a grain store during the Soviet times and has recently been returned to the Lithuanian Jewish Community but in very bad condition.

The Plan


The Synagogue is remarkably unchanged from when it originally served as a synagogue.


The building has been stabilised and the next step is to conduct research and prepare technical documentation as a precursor to restoration works being carried out. Once the building has been restored, the plan is that it will function as a visitor centre and venue for artistic and memorial events operated directly by the Jewish Community in partnership with the local Municipality.

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