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Synagogue in Făgăraș, Romania




Făgăraș is situated in the Brasov County of Transylvania.

A Jewish community was established in the town in 1827 becoming among southern Transylvania’s largest by the mid-century, at which point the synagogue was established. The community was very active with various charitable bodies and a women’s association. A Jewish school opened in the 1860s.

During the Second World War, Jews were subject to anti-Jewish legislation as well as violence from the Iron Guard. Jewish property, both private and communal, was confiscated. A number of Jews were sent off to forced labour, while others were deported to Transnistria.


The Challenge


A Jewish community was re-established after the War, but most in due course emigrated, with many settling in Israel.

The synagogue ceased to function and, being empty and neglected, its condition significantly deteriorated.


The Plan


The synagogue is under the formal ownership of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania (FEDROM). FEDROM entered into an arrangement with the Municipality of Fagaras whereby it took a long-term lease on the building.

In collaboration with other local organisations, the Municipality is now considering how the synagogue site could be developed to serve the needs of the local community in the town and surrounding area, while also being a memorial and place of education about the life and contribution of the former Jewish community.

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