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Malta Seminar

Foundation Chief Executive Michael Mail recently joined European colleagues working on religious heritage preservation for a seminar in Matla organised by the Brussels-based Future for Religious Heritage (FRH).

The event was arranged in collaboration with the National Trust of Malta - Din l-Art Ħelwa. Participants had the opportunity to visit a number of sites of religious heritage in the cities of Valletta and Mdina in order to understand a range of issues, challenges and opportunities being addressed in terms of preservation and presentation. A highlight was visiting the opulent St John’s Co-Cathedral famous for its works by Caravaggio. The group also received a presentation by the National Trust itself on its vital work preserving a number of historical sites across the islands.

Participants come from a range of backgrounds, yet there is much that they share in respect of the nature of their work. A key aspect of the seminar was the opportunity for participants to discuss their work, exchange experiences and receive advice.

Michael has served as a Board member of FRH for the last three years.


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