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Foundation at Euroclio conference

Foundation Chair Dame Helen Hyde and Chief Executive Michael Mail attended the recent Euroclio conference entitled ‘What is History For?’ to present the EU-funded Jewish cemeteries project along with Ninja Stehr from project colleagues Centropa. (The third partner in the project consortium is ESJF).

Euroclio is an organisation of history and citizenship teachers from across Europe working to improve the quality of education with the aim of making societies more just, peaceful and inclusive.

We were attending to demonstrate how Jewish cemeteries can be used as significant places of education, presenting the Jewish narrative in Europe while also promoting the values of Euroclio. Case studies and lesson plans were provided to assist teachers in thinking through the concept and how it could be applied within their schools.

The idea was a new one to most participants and there was great interest shown.

The Euroclio conference programme can be read here:


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