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Orla Synagogue goes interactive

The 17th Century baroque former synagogue in Orla, Poland is now available to tour digitally.

The Foundation for Jewish Heritage has been supporting the efforts of The Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage Poland (FODZ) to preserve Orla synagogue and the two bodies recently collaborated with the University of the Arts Poznan, Poland’s leading arts college, to run a weeklong arts festival from within the building.

The Foundation and FODZ have also collaborated to create an innovative 3D interactive experience which offers the opportunity for the world to visit Orla.

The user can navigate both the synagogue's interior and exterior with a simple click, or opt to take a pre-mapped tour by selecting the 'play tour' option.

Chief Executive Michael Mail commented, “we have established a close relationship with FODZ working together particularly on the Orla synagogue project. We are delighted to follow up on the very successful Arts Festival by co-producing this special interactive experience, which is another important way of making sure the remarkable Orla synagogue is recognised and appreciated. I hope that users everywhere will make the most of this innovative development and enjoy their virtual visit to the beautiful synagogue of Orla!’

You can view the digitised synagogue here (to take the tour, click the 'Play Tour' option situated on the taskbar.)


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