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Memories of Zbarazh Ukraine

As part of the EU-funded Jewish cemeteries project, the Foundation for Jewish Heritage had responsibility for the Deep Dive programme and this was organised by Projects Officer Dr Rachel Lichtenstein. The idea was to take one Jewish cemetery in each of the 7 countries of Eastern Europe involved and produce a creative cultural/educational activity that could serve as a case study and model.

For Ukraine, the town of Zbarazh was chosen and a fascinating digital memory map of the Jewish cemetery in the town was produced, building on the work of Ukrainian historian Tetiana Fedoriv. On this ‘Living Memory Map' you will find historical information about the Jewish community of Zbarazh and the local Jewish cemetery there, alongside archival research, photographs, and stories of 15 individuals buried there. To explore the site, click on one of the coloured shapes and information will automatically pop up about that grave in both English and Ukrainian.

The map can be accessed at

A consortium of three organisations have been participating in the Jewish cemeteries project – the Foundation for Jewish Heritage, the European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative and Centropa.


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