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Take one city – Szombathely in Hungary

The Foundation for Jewish Heritage had responsibility for the Deep Dive project as part of the EU-funded Jewish cemeteries project. The idea was to take one Jewish cemetery in each of the 7 countries of Eastern Europe involved in the project and produce a creative cultural/educational activity that could serve as a case study and model.

For Hungary, the city of Szombathely was chosen and the result is a documentary that tells the story of the Jewish community of Szombathely and their cemetery, exploring the fate of Hungarian and Central European Jewry through the history of just one town. The 15-minute film is in Hungarian but subtitled in English and has been produced by the staff of Szombathely Television in collaboration with the Foundation for Jewish Heritage and local partners. This film has been shared widely in Hungary (on Szombathely Television and other places) and is available to view here.

A consortium of three organisations have been participating in the Jewish cemeteries project – the Foundation for Jewish Heritage, the European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative and Centropa.


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