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Keynote speaker announced for Urban Jewish Heritage Conference

We are delighted to announce that the Professor Daniel J. Walkowitz will be presenting the Keynote address at the opening of our Conference - Urban Jewish Heritage: Presence and Absence.

With 2018 being designated as the European Year of Cultural Heritage by the EU, the Foundation is using this window to focus attention on its work. This September it is hosting the Conference in partnership with the Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage Birmingham University in the World Heritage City of Krakow, Poland. The Conference will bring together academics, planners, policy makers and community leaders to examine and discuss the past, present and future for cities with significant Jewish Heritage. Professor Walkowitz’s upcoming book Remembered and Forgotten Jewish World: Jewish Heritage in Europe and the United States (Rutgers, 2018), takes readers on a tour of major sites of Jewish heritage across nine major cities and two villages in Central and Eastern Europe, and explores the stories and expectations that tourists bring on their heritage travels.


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